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Villa – a delightful French-themed restaurant in Aomori-city

Posted in Aomori-city with tags , , on August 23, 2010 by Yuko

What are the important factors in choosing a restaurant for you? If you like a restaurant serving delicious & beautiful dishes still the price is reasonable and offering a comfortable atmosphere, then you would like “Villa”, the french-themed restaurant in Aomori-city. 

I organized a small pre-wedding party for my friends (both bride and grooms were  my friends) and I picked up Villa.  I don’t know much about wine and always ask for their recommendation. The waitress was very friendly and all wine(rose sparkling, white and red) she recommended were tasteful.

Villa has a seating capacity of  20

Appetizer of the day

Appetizer of the day  (when I came again another day with my friend)


Homemade Pate(pork and goose liver)

Pizza with Dry Cured Ham

Two Kinds of Pate

Garlic Bread

Forgot the name…(sorry!) Fish and Salad, the yellow topping is botargo.

Dessert(Tres Bien!)

Like many foreign food restaurants in Japan, Villa’s chef is Japanese and probably the taste is a bit acclimatized for Japanese customers.  After enjoying Sushi, Tempura and Sukiyaki in Japan, trying French-themed dishes with “chopsticks”(*they also offer forks and knives- it’s your choice ) can be a good experience in Aomori/Japan.  

Dining Villa

3-4-11  Honcho, Aomori-shi

Opening Hours:  11:30am-2:00(Lunch) 


Closed: Sunday

Parking: Paid parking is next door to this restaurant