Cafe Cembalo, a comfortable cafe for foreigners in Hirosaki-City

Many foreign tourists visit Hirosaki-City for Hirosaki Park to view the beautiful cherry blossom and the castle. I often get asked about the free wi-fi spots and the eateries with English menu from foreigners. I’m introducing a cafe located along the Dotemachi street where foreigners would feel comfortable to try out. 

The name of the cafe is “Cafe and Gallery Cembalo”. You can’t find the signboard “Cembalo” in English, but the following image will help you find the building. 

Many food images are hung on the wall. They will help (or tempt) you to know what you can have in this cafe.

I saw some people coming by themselves, so don’t have to hesitate to go alone. 

I like getting the table along the wall :)

Here are the menus…with no English. Don’t worry, all food and drinks have the images and you don’t have to be nervous while waiting for something you ordered you actually didn’t understand…. 

♥ Cake Set ♥ Cheesecake, Chiffon cake, Ice cream and Fuit with Tea or Coffee

♥ Waffle Set ♥ Homemade waffles, Ice cream, Fruit with Tea or Coffee

My iced coffee tasted pretty good.

Pretty interior

Small and cute selling items were displayed on this shelf

 “Free Wi-Fi” is available in this cafe. That’s another reaon I said foreigners(who tend to depend on getting information from internet) would feel comfortable in this cafe. 

There are also many other cozy cafe, nice restaurants and shops along the Dotemachi street. Please enjoy strollong around the street and find yourown favorite place :)


Cafe Cembalo

Address:                     41 Dotemachi, Hirosaki-City

Closed:                        Wednesday (open when Wednesday is a national holiday)

Opening Hours :      10:30am – 19:00(sometimes close earlier)  

Parking:                       Paid Parking available nearby the cafe

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