Black Hot Spring in Tohoku-Town

It’s still snowing in Aomori-City.  For locals dealing with cold and long winter, soaking in Onsen (hot spring) is utter bliss.  There are many Onsen scattered throughout Aomori, and if you are a Onsen lover, Aomori is definitely worth visiting for Onsen outing.

Here is my first Onsen post in this blog, a popular hot spring you can visit from JR Shichinohe-Towada station.

 Tohoku Onsen is proud of the color of  their hot spring as the most “blackish” in Japan.  The U.S. Air Force base is located in Misawa-City which is about 30 minutes from Tohoku-Town, and this hot spring is getting popular among military people stationed in the base, and also foreigners living in Aomori.

The very first thing you do in Japanse Onsen places is buying tickets from a vending machine. You can also buy shampoo, tooth brushes, razers and everything else you need to take a bath. So most of the time it is okay to visit Onsen places empty-handed (but bring your wallet).

This is the public hot spring bath for ladies. Looked clean and tidy.

A close view of the hot spring – not a clear picture because of the steam, but can see the hot spring appears black. This hot spring is said to be effective for neuralgia, exhaustion, cold hands and feet. This hot spring is called ”Moor hot spring”. Moor is literally low-rank coals in German. The moor hot spring water gushes out through the lignite layer.

For those who are too shy to jump into the public bath, or prefer to take a bath only with your loved ones, “Private Family Bath” is available (1,200yen / hour).

The bathtub of Private Family Bath – this ceramic bathtub is made of Shigaraki pottery, one of the famous pottery types in southern Japan.

For the visitors to enjoy this hot spring thorougly, Tohoku Onsen also offers accomodation.
Signboards are written in English, Chinese and Korean for foreign guests. Very nice.

The building has been remodeled in April 2008, and guest rooms are clean and cozy. Wired internet access is available in each guest room.

BTW I heard many foreign tourists are interested in the washlet toilets, Ta daa – glad to tell you that the guest rooms have washlet-equipped toilets.


Small Japanese garden is located beside the Onsen building (*this is a garden view in June)

If you want to buy some gifts for your friends or family, how about this black Japanese sweets(sweet bean paste in black steamed bun)?

Free courtesy car/bus is available between Tohoku Onsen and JR Shichinohe-Towada station by making a reservation. Please come and enjoy many interesting and rare hot spring in Aomori-Prefecture.
I will be posting other amazing hot springs in the future post.

Tohoku Onsen

21-18 Kamisasabashi, Tohoku-machi kamikita-gun

Website(Currently only in Japanese)

Map & Directions:





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  1. Thanks for the info! Are there more detailed directions about how to get to this onsen?

  2. Dear Lyana-san,
    Thank you for taking a visit to our blog.
    As for the directions, please click “Routemap” in orange which I added at the end of this post. It is a pdf file showing the way to Tohoku Onsen(please excuse my sloppy handwriting). Hope this helps.

  3. Ed&Nicky Says:

    So helpful!! We went to an onsen for the first time in Yagen Valley and we loved it. Now we want to try the family room :) Our daughter had a blast. Thank you so much.

  4. Dear Rd&Nicky-san,
    Thank you for your nice comment. It is always so encouraging to hear that this blog could be of help for English-speaking people to enjoy exploring Aomori :). I’ll try to find and suggest the potential foreign tourist attractions in the future post.

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