Tsujii Ramen & Mitsukake – the soul of Aomori


As you might know, Ramen is one of  Japan’s comfort foods with Japanese curry, miso soup and rice ball.  Some people even say they can eat ramen three times a day, or can eat only ramen for the rest of their lives.  I’m not that crazy for Ramen, but would like to introduce one of the most popular Ramen places in Aomori-city. You don’t really see people waiting in line for restaurants in Aomori-city, and I was impressed that Tsujii Ramen had a long line of people waiting outside of the restaurant. 


People waiting in line for Tsujii Ramen


Of course the seats were full.  We ordered Ramen and Mitsukake, very “classic” way of order I assume that 90% of people should order the same way.   

Lunchtime Crowd


This is “Mitsukake”, rice cake with brown sugar syrup, Tsujii’s most popular dessert.   Rice cake is usually served before Ramen, so should  I say it is an…appetizer?   



The rice cake is tender, and if you like the taste of brown sugar you will definitely love Mitsukake!   I thought I should leave some to eat after Ramen, but we just ate it up in 2 minutes and even wanted to have another plate.  

Tender & Yummy Mitsukake

Here is Tsujii Ramen – it features fine and curly noodles and the broth made with dried sardines and soy sauce.  The soup taste a bit salty to me, but people living in northern, colder area tend to prefer the salty and strong taste, and I think that’s why this place is loved by Aomori residents. Toppings are simple. Green onion, sliced pork and seasoned banboo shoots.       

Tsujii Ramen


There are 2 Tsujii Ramen restaurants. One is located by the sea and nicknamed “Umi-Tsujii”(literally sea tsujii), and another is located in the outskirt of the town, and called”Yama-Tsujii”(literally mountain Tsujii).  They both have big fans, so if you like this kind of ramen, it’s worth trying the both Tsujii restaurants! 

Tsujii Mochiten 

2-14-23, Gappo, Aomori-shi 

Open: 10:00am – 6:00pm 

Closed: Sunday and national holiday 

Car Parking Available

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  1. Made my mouth water!

  2. Thank you Lisa-san :)

  3. i’m stopping for a day in aomori on my way to hokkaido (from tokyo) next week, and am very happy to have found your blog! i wasn’t able to find the ramen shop on google maps…is it easy to get to from JR aomori station? thanks yuko!

  4. Hello – glad to know you found this blog and are interested in Tsujii Ramen. Actually Going to Tsujii takes about 15 mins by bus from JR Aomori station. If your goal is Aomori local Ramen and not Tsujii itself, I could suggest a couple of other Ramen places you can get to from JR Aomori station on foot. Please let me know if you need more info and I could email you.

  5. hi yuko, thanks for getting back to me! we will have JR passes, so if the bus to Tsuji is JR that would be great. if not, other ramen spots by the station would be great to know. we will be in town for about 9 hours…do you know if we’ll be able to check out the beech forests at shirakami mountains, or the hotokeguara coastline? sorry to ask so many questions…and thank you!

  6. Hello Moonovertokyo-san! I just sent an email to your gmail add.
    Please read it. Wishing you to have a great trip to Aomori!

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