Five-Storied Pagoda in Hirosaki

Speaking about Hirosaki-city, tourists always give first choice to visit Hirosaki Castle.  If you had time after visiting Hirosaki Park,  or if you kinda missed the best days for viewing cherry blossoms,  I recommend  to stop at Five-storied Pagoda which is located to the southeast of the castle park.  It will take about 15 minutes on foot from the castle.   When I visited this pagoda last weekend, there were no clouds in the blue sky and enjoyed the quiet, calm atmosphere and the late-blossoming cherry blossoms. 

This pagoda, 31.2 meters high, was build in 1667 for the repose of the soul of fallen soldiers. It is installed in the precinct of Saisho-in Temple.




You can occasionally find a purification font with a dragon. Water is flowing from a dragon’s mouth and you have to purify your hands and mouth with this water in preparation for approaching the sacred presence.  The shape of dragon varies by the temples and shrines, so it can be interesting to see the difference of the dragons if you are visiting many temples and shrines.  I thought this dragon was very decorative.     

Four ogres were supporting the roof of the font.(These are two of them)



  Saisho-in Temple is one of my favorite temples in Aomori-Prefecture.  



Just walking around the precinct of the temple made me feel better. It was probably because of the nice weather,  pretty cherry blossoms, tidiness and the sacred atmosphere.



You can ring the bell by offering 100yen.  Hitting the bell was interesting, and also hearing the resonance of the bell made me feel more relaxed and at peace.


A blooming Magnolia


I could enjoy the final cherry blossom viewing of this year in this temple.  There are also maple trees in this temple, and I would also recommend to visit this temple in autumn to appreciate the pagoda and colored maple leaves.

Saisho-in Temple(Five-Storied Pagoda)

63 Doyacho Hirosaki-City

Car Parking Available

100yen  ” Tamenobu ” loop bus is available from JR Hirosaki Station. Get off at the “Hirosaki Koukou Mae” bus stop.  You can see the top of the pagoda from the bus stop, walk about 3 minutes toward it and you will arrive at the temple.


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