Shinkansen Test Run to Brand New Shin-Aomori Station

Since the Shinkansen – bullet train is coming to Aomori City in December, the new station is in the course of construction.  First 200 public applicants, press people and people in Tourism were invited to the one-day tour on the day of  first test run.    

New Shinkansen Shin-Aomori Station under Construction

 Aomori is a peaceful country, and you do not really find modern buildings.  One of my colleagues who went this place with me said “Wow, this is like the building in Tokyo”.  I thought that was cute.      


Shining Walls and Escalators Under Inspection


Waiting Room

Ticketing and Travel Service Center

 It was fun to see the train station while not completely equipped…..                                                                                                                     

The Wall without Ticket Machines

We could find some materials produced in Aomori in the building.  Can you tell from the following pictures?      

Q1 What are these red bars made of ?

Red Bar Close Up(sorry- I couldn't take the pic beautifully)

A1 is Tsugaru Lacquerware.  This is called Nanako, one of  four types of lacquer patterning in Tsugaru Lacquerware.  People who found the Nanako on the pillars were saying “Oh…luxury pillars”.      

Q2 Can you guess what kind of wood was used to make the bench chairs?

 A2 is Aomori Hiba Cypress, which is aromatic, durable and has beautiful grains. It is popular to make furniture, bath tubs and wood crafts.

Q3 Who influences Aomori people on printmaking?


Close-up of the Work




A3 is Munakata Shiko – a famous printmaker who was born in Aomori-City.  Please enjoy Christy’s previous entry on A Glimse into Aomori’s artsy side-Munakata Shiko for more information about him.     The original of this huge work was made by 242 groups of Aomori citizens in 2003 to celebrate Munakata’s 100th anniversary.       

Platform Sign

The platform is on the 2nd floor. This station will be the terminal of Tohoku Shinkansen in Honshu Island.  Then it is to be connected with Hokkaido Shinkansen rail line in about 5 years.      

People Flocking in the Platform

 I heard about 600 people got together to welcome the first train coming to this station. Suddenly the Nebuta festival live music started, which was a signal of the train arrival, and all people got ready to  take pictures and filming the train.      

The inspection train appeared!

Inspection Train "East i"

 The inspection train “East i” which is equipped with all the measuring device and inspection apparatus left Hachinohe Station at 2:00am, kept running 30km/h and arrived at this station at 9:49am.  Gradually test speed will get faster and final test run will be 260km/h as the maximum speed in the end of June. Amazing!        



Welcome ceremony was held.   


By Shinkansen it will take only 3 hours and 10 minutes from Tokyo to  Aomori-city from December 2010.  Those who will hold Japan Rail Pass while staying in Japan, please do not fail to visit Aomori!!!   

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  1. Oh wow! You got to go! I’m really jealous! I love the Munakata mural!

  2. Yes I was very lucky…because my special colleague negotiated the permission to join the tour. Only 5 people could go from our Union.

  3. Such excitement! Your friends in Maine cannot wait for this wonderful new transportation from Tokyo to Aomori!

  4. I’m pleased to know people in Maine are also paying attention to this Aomori’s biggest project. Please visit us by the brand-new Shinkansen!

  5. Thank you for your visit & YES it is so exciting!

  6. Great post! This is exciting news.

  7. Thank you :) I’ll try to keep writing something great about Aomori!

  8. I am so happy that the Bullet Train is coming to Aomori with direct service to Tokyo. This is make traveling south much more efficient than using the over priced airlines.

  9. We visited Hirosaki this year and I loved the fast train trip from Tokyo. December 4 is marked on my calendar for the first operating train. I would love to hear some coverage of the first passenger train arrival.

  10. I have friends arriving in Tokyo this April. Exactly where is the station in Aomori? I live in Kashiwa village which is close to Goshogowara.

  11. Hello Danielle. Thank you for visiting our blog.
    This website may help you to figure out the location of Shin-Aomori station.
    From Shin-Aomori station, people heading to Goshogawara get on the Ou Line local train bound for Hirosaki or Odate, and stop at Kawabe station and
    tranfer to Gono Line. Hope this helps.

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