Yakisoba Soup in Kuroishi

Have you ever delighted in yakisoba?  Japanese and foreigners alike seem to be quite the fan. Yakisoba is simply a stir-fry noodle mixed with vegetables and meat and topped with a variety of delicious Japanese flavors including aonori (seaweed powder) and beni shoga (shredded pickled ginger). It seems to be quite a popular dish at festivals here in Japan and many foreigners claim to have devoured the dish many of times.

Today in my adventures around Kuroishi City I happened to stumble upon a new variation of the dish.  “Tsuyu Yakisoba” or Yakisoba soup!!  It is the same noodles and flavor, but in a soup! It kind of reminded me of ramen or hot soba.

Tsuyu Yakisoba apparently has quite a history in quaint Kuroishi as it has been around since the 1950s. Today I tried out the original yakisoba flavor but I the dish is known to come in several variations as “scallop tsuyu yakisoba” and “curry tsuyu yakisoba” also are popular.

Here is how it is made:

the standard yakisoba is put in a bowl...

...it is topped with soup...

...ta daa!! Here you have tsuyu yakisoba

It was quite tasty! And I recommend it to any foreigners wanting to try another Japanese food!  If you are looking for a place to enjoy some Tsuyu Yakisoba, Kuroishi has a great area called Tsugaru Denshou Kougeikan. It is a collection of shops with traditional Tsugaru arts and crafts.  There is also a wonderful “ashi-yu” (foot bath), and a few options if you are interested in trying Kuroishi Yakisoba.

Tsugaru Denshou Kougeikan

Tsugaru Denshou Kougeikan

ashi-yu foot bath

The area also has a small winter festival going on daily 10 – 4 through February 28. There is traditional art performance, snowmobiling and good food. Get out, enjoy the winter, and warm up with some Yakisoba soup!

Tsugaru Denshou Kougeikan
Free Parking
Bus running a few times daily from Kuroishi Station

Website: http://tsugarudensho.com/

Information on the winter festival: http://koarashiyama.web.fc2.com/yukinofurusato2010.html

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