Upcoming Event: Koharu Doori Festival in Aomori

I am pretty sure almost no foreigners know about this small festival, because this has never been introduced in English and I’ve never seen foreigners coming to this festival before. 

So why don’t you come this year????

This annual festival was actually started 4 years ago, to celebrate the completion of sidewalk road heating system along the national road route 4 & 7 (around the area of government and other public offices).     It was to be the one-shot event, but since the committee including local companies, branches of Nationwide company, volunteer staff enjoyed working together to cheer up the residents in a torpid state, the committee decided to hold the festival every year in February. 

This year Koharu Doori Festival will be held from February 18  – 20.     In these 3 days, I recommend you to join the festival on the 20th, Saturday from 10:00am!   Why?  Because EVERYTHING is FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture from the last year - get on the snow plow!

You can test-ride the snow plows, enjoy Maccha green tea with Japanese sweets, Aomori specialty seafood (Nanako-hacchin) miso soup, bread making  like Christy did in Gappo park, Oshiruko(hot & sweet bean soup with rice cake), making cotton candy,  cake & tea heated with IH stove (sponsored by the electric  power company)….you don’t have to bring your purse to buy food in this festival.   You can get many giveaway by answering the questionnaire, by winning at rock-paper-scissors and so on.

Bread making- always fun.

The main place will be the parking lot of Aomori City Hall, so you can’t park there on Saturday.   If you are coming by car, probably need to park at the Yanagimachi Underground Parking.

This festivel is subtitled,”Enjoy by walking” because 12 places and buildings along the route 4 & 7 are the festival venue (you can find the map at the bottom of the flyer).

I will be at this festival all day, emceeing in the Aomori City Hall parking area.  If you need help in English, please come and feel free to talk to me.     Hope to see you there!   

 Koharu Doori Festival

Date: February 20 (Sat) 10:00am – 3:00pm

Place: Aomori City Hall parking area and other 11 buildings







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