A Cozy Shop and Cafe in Namioka

Namioka area is known with producing tasty apples, and this peaceful apple farm town didn’t have any particular shops or restaurants which attract younger generation…..until this cafe opened.



This shop & cafe is located along the  national road, Route 7 and I enjoy lunch here on the way going to Hirosaki-city from Aomori-city.


In the picture above, can you see something small and yellow on the right?  








I found a poisonous mushroom in the snow.    Cute.



The signboard design company runs this cafe, and occasionally rearrange the art display according to the season.






 The tables are made like the  jewelry showcase, and small cute items are displayed with seasonal theme in each table. 




My favorite lunch set – Spaghetti Genovese, Salad and Vegetable Broth


I believe food is like a mirror of the cook.  When cooks are in the bad mood, or hate their job, you can feel it.   Pictures can also tell you when the served foods are lifeless, they don’t look tasty.

I think these pictures reflect the cook’s feeling that she wants us to enjoy lunch and staying here.   I can’t believe this lunch set is only 600yen…  

One more increadible generous part in this cafe is, all drinks become 150yen for visitors ordering lunch set.

So I had “Maccha Iced Latte”, one of the most expensive drinks in the menu (haha), which was using real maccha and milk foam.   !Que Fantastica!

FYI this cafe serves “Illy” espresso.  You can buy Illy coffee powder at the imported food stores in Aomori, but there are not many cafes serving “buonissimo” espresso around Aomori city.



Before or after enjoying food and drinks, you can look around the shop area which has many products including original acrylic products.

My personal favorite is Sushi clock in the middle of the picture below.

Spending long winter in Aomori-city is never easy. Heavy snow, grey sky and icy roads like a skating rink always get me down.   This cafe, having happy and peaceful atmosphere helps me to escape from reality for a while.

I’ve never been to this cafe by train, but the map shows it is only 5 min walk from JR Namioka Sta.  The menu is written in Japanese and also in Enligsh with many pics.  So I think foreign visitors don’t have to hesitate visiting here at all.

I heard waffles and Hamburg with various sauce choice including Miso sauce are delicious too.  Please visit there and let me know if you liked them.

Shop & Cafe   Ai+Plus

82-1 Nishihanaoka Megasawa Namioka, Aomori-city

By Car:  Approx. 2km from Apple Hill(rest area)  From Apple Hill, go straight toward Hirosaki-city, and you’ll find the white building with  a burgandy signboard on the left side.

On Foot:  See the website map

Open Hours: 10:30am~6:00pm

Closed: Sunday

Website: http://www.ai-sign.com/aiplus@/aiplustop.html

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  1. […] we continued down the road and had lunch a cute cafe. Yuko actually introduced the cafe on the Aomori-mori blog a few months ago and ever since then I have been wanting to go. The food was delicious and cheap […]

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