Sushi Course in Ippachi Sushi

I went to the popular Sushi place, Ippachi Sushi for “Uchiage”.  Uchiage is “Wrap-up party” or “Job-well-done party” in Japanese.    I think it is one of the characteristic customs in Japanese business.  When you are involved in some kind of big projects or events and after everythings was done, you will definitely be invited to Uchiage party –  and here is the characteristic part – you are tacitly NOT EXPECTED to be absent from the party.  So Uchiage party is still a part of your business, and is held at an average cost of 5,000 yen.  No matter you drink alcohol or not, you pay the same price.   So if you do not drink alcohol, you have to enjoy EATing to get your money’s worth!      

Here are the Sushi Course of 3,500 yen( food only) I had.      

Soy sauce plate and chopsticks - I like the Ippachi Sushi Logo with smiling face on top of tuna roll.

Starter - Veggies with miso,tofu,sesame paste topped with salmon roe

Assorted Sashimi for 4 people (Oh So Delicious!)

Pickled Daikon Radish "Gakkura-zuke"

You can find pickled daikon radish almost anywhere in Japan. But only northern part (Aomori, Akita, Iwate) call it “Gakkura-zuke”, and  has this shape. 

Daikon is roughly chopped so that  flavors quickly permeate the vegetables.  This is a traditional, local specialty  food in winter and many people love this mild sweet pickle. After I ate 1 big piece, I wanted to have another one but all 5 or 6 plates were already empty in 5 minutes….sad :(     Anyways, pickled daikon radish is good to refresh your palate. 

Bamboo-shaped Sake Pot and Cup

Deep-fried minced crab and vegetables, topped with green onion, grated carrot and daikon

Grilled Black Cod

BTW one of the attendances was “numero uno” influential person in this area, and I knew his monthly salary was 5 times as  mine.  He and I were paying equally for this party.  I could not agree about what price was fair. But none of us dares to say the complaint openly, because we are modest “Japanese”.

The Numero Uno left earlier to attend another party, so I allowed myself to  eat his Sushi too…(haha)    I was a sober state and others were getting tipsy and were enjoying conversation. No one was paying attention to Sushi—so wasting!  

Sushi for 2 or 3 people -Yummy!

 I could learn a new thing that night.  “Go to Sushi Bar with guys who drink a lot and not eat much” —  I was stuffed with Sushi, and it was almost like “all you can eat”,  a moment of great happiness for Uchiage.  

Well Ippachi Sushi is definitely not expensive for Sushi, and for its freshness and comfortable services.    It is close to the Aomori JR station….oh as one more information, I started to teach English business conversation to the information staff in Aspam(triangular building in Aomori City), and currently I am teaching them how to show the way to Ippachi Sushi in English. So please ask them if you want to go, and they should show you the way perfectly :)

Ippachi Sushi

1-10-1 Shinmachi, Aomori-shi

Mon-Sat:  11:30 am-9:45pm

Sun: 11:30am-8:45pm

Closed: 2nd & 4th Sundays every month

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