Brand New Electronic Vehicle Debuted in Aomori (Extra)



One of my bosses at work asked me to write about  the brand-new Japanese electric car ” iMiEV ” which has just been provided to Aomori, and I decided to publish this article as an extra edition. I’m not a car maniac or a commision agent of Mitsubishi Motors….just an ordinary Japanese female blogger and not for sure if I can write about this car in the best way.

In every post on this blog I want to introduce something charming about Aomori,  and this time I asked my colleague to be the temporary motor show girl for a feast of the eyes.

My Colleague Yukino

Did you expect the sexy costume like my male co-workers?  Sorry. Not this time  :-P

Seriously, the large population of  beautiful ladies in northen Japan is well-recognized among Japanese people.  As an noticeable example, there is a famous female politician in Hachinohe City (Aomori), Yuri Fujikawa who was ranked No.1  as the world’s most beautiful female politician in the poll of the Spanish newspaper website.  When my Japanese friend (male) who was from Tokyo first came to Aomori, he was surprised to find so many cute girls with pretty outfits while walking along the main street in Aomori.    I’ve never seen any blogs writing about this kind of  thing in English, so I just did.  Glad if you could learn something new about Aomori or Japan from this blog.

Now then, let’s go back to the subject.

Mitsubishi has started to sell ” i-MiEV ” electric pod car in Japan in late July this year, and currently concentrating on lease sales to corporate and governmenrtal customers.    Eight cars came to Aomori Prefecture which are for verification testing and this is one out of eight.

Mitsubishi iMiEV - New Electric Vehicle

Front View

No exhast pipe - wow

Yukino is 5.2 feet(157cm) tall. This is a small car with little wheels.

Aomori Prefectural Government has set a long-term target of replacing all cars running in Aomori Prefecture with eco-friendly cars by 2050 .  If it comes true, you will be seeing the following kind of  charging stations instead of gas (petrol) stations.

Charging Station (I thought it was a parking machine)

  Let’s check the interior. 

Very SIMPLE meter a toy.

Eco mode reduces power output and consumption compare to D position

Test ride time!   Yukino and I were surprised when she started on the engine. It’s so silent!!

"It looks tiny but inside is roomy and comfortable enough."

"Test Driving of EV" gets people's attention.


Comfortable driving with environmentally friendly car.  I even saw the rainbow in the sky.  It can drive about 100 miles in a single charge.    Can’t imagine all cars might be like this car, so silent and Zero Emission while driving.  But if using this kind of car can help saving the clean air and beautiful nature of Aomori,  it would just be great.

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