French Themed Bistro in Aomori

Someone told me a typical difference about foreign food restaurants in Japan compare to the other countries. If you are reading this blog outside of Japan,  you would probably find foreign food restaurants with foreign chefs, like if it is a Thai food restaurant, the chef is from Thai.   That basic idea is not the same in Japan.  Most and various kinds of  ” foreign food restaurants ” in Japan are with Japanese chefs who went overseas and have a real training as cooks, or studied under the veteran chef  in Japan.  Me as Japanese was never aware of the difference and have been taking it for granted that Japanese chefs make a specialty of  foreign foods.   Anyways  I am a total foodie and would like to introduce my favorite French-themed bistro in Aomori. The chef is of course…JAPANESE  ;-D


The place has a seating capacity of 20

It is a cozy little bistro located between Hotel Aomori and Hyper Hotel Aomori (exciting name…isn’t it?).

Bread served with Greek olive oil and Mont-Saint-Michel rock salt

Bread served with Greek Olive Oil and Mont-Saint-Michel Rock Salt


Green Salad with Wine Vinegar Dressing

Green Salad with Wine Vinegar Dressing

Aomori is surrounded by the sea on three sides, and is well known for its outstanding seafood.  You can enjoy the freshest Sushi in Aomori for half price of that in Tokyo.   
The chef here uses only the freshest produce available, and I think coming here could be a good option to enjoy good seafoods if you are getting tired of eating raw fish with soy sauce in Japan (uh-ha).   
Snapper Carpaccio

Snapper Carpaccio


Seafood Tartar - salmon, smoked salmon, snow crab, yellowtail

Seafood Tartar - salmon, smoked salmon, snow crab, yellowtail

 I did not really try to eat ducks until I’ve had one here.   I just LOVE the way chef cooks.  The tender meat and crispy skin is delicious with Balsamic vinegar sauce.

Sauteed duck(you have to order this!)

Seared Duck with Balsamic Vinegar Sauce ( you have to order this! )

Grilled Pork Rib

Grilled Pork Rib

 This bistro serves french-based cuisine with chef’s original recipe.  I think he doesn’t use too much butter nor oil, and I never have a stomach upset even if I eat too much, and that’s why I always eat too much…

Chef Kawamura who knows the way to my heart

Chef Kawamura who knows the way to my heart

I often see career women groups enjoying dinner here.     From my perspective, career women who can spend money all for themselves tend to be choosy (in a good way) about food and the atmosphere of restaurants.  Since 90 percent of the repeat customers are female, it can tell you really get your money’s worth at this bistro.

Beautiful Japanese ladies enjoying dinner and wine.

Beautiful Japanese ladies enjoying dinner and wine.



Corner of the room

This place is open for weekday lunch,  but I strongly recommend that you come for dinner to enjoy Chef Kawamura’s delectable dish.  

Chef’s Table Kawamura                                                                                             2nd floor  You & I Bldg,   1-7-1  Hashimoto, Aomori-city   


Lunch  11:30 am – 1:30 pm  ( Tue -Fri ) 

Dinner 5:30 pm -10:00 pm  ( last orders )

Closed:  Sunday and National Holiday

Information for foreign visitors:  Chef Kawamura is an intermediate French speaker.  Please speak to him slowly and you can get through to him.

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  1. OMG! I remember going to that place! Delicious food!!!

  2. Hello
    I tried Chef Kawamura’s food last week end…………….Very famous!!!
    and i thinck my opinion is important, of course i am French guy….
    I recommend it !!!

  3. Sorry for the late reply.
    Really? Come back + I’ll take you there!

  4. Bonjour Christian!
    Thank you for your comment + sorry for the late reply.
    Glad to hear you tried Chef Kawamura out and liked there :)
    What did you like the best in the menu? Let me know if you ever find this reply.

  5. Christian Says:

    who is yuko?

  6. Bonsoir Christian. I am the author of this post and the administrator of this blog.

  7. Christian Says:

    ok i live in Misawa shi and you?

  8. Christian Says:

    many yuko in Japan…..

  9. Yeah many Yuko out there in Japan.
    I live in Aomori-shi and don’t think we’ve met before. What do you do in Misawa?

  10. Christian Says:

    i work in rokkasho i am french guy
    52 years old i lived in misawa 2003-2007 and now again since june

  11. Sorry for the late response. Glad to know you came all the way from Misawa to try this restaurant.
    I will try to introduce more French restaurant in the future post!

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