My Favorite View in Hakkoda

Hakkoda,  the range of eight  mountains located in Aomori prefecture,  is well known as the greatest mountain among enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders.  Personally, I’d rather not  go to the coldest area in cold winter (it is chilly enough in downtown area!),  I enjoy going to Hakkoda in summer and fall.   Although the best season is late October with autumn leaves, I  thought introducing Hakkoda trekking would be nice as my first post.  Welcome one and all to our brand-new blog! 


 A trekking entrance/exit is on the left-hand side of  the Sukayu hot spring (very famous sulfur hot spring).


 It starts with going up the rugged mountain trail, which is not that easy.  For the first 15 minutes I always regret and grumble why I started this, laboring my way up the endless bumpy and bushy path….  why life is so hard on me…how come I never get the winning number in a lottery…I hate myself putting on weight again…I was never a Ninja in my previous life…..a lot of worldly thoughts and confused ideas cross my mind.  After a while I get silent and start focusing my energies on following the path.   Besides the clean air and beautiful nature, I think moutains have some kind of healing energy.  After 40-50 minutes of  climbing I feel  my mind is so cleaned up.


When I meet the wooden causeway running even,   I feel so happy and cool myself in a refreshing breeze.



 A helicopter is carrying something.     If  foods are in the packet,  I’m here!



I am almost reaching my goal (this lady is my friend, not me)…go up the wooden stairs and turn around!



 Oh I have to go up a little more to avoid the trees…..






 This area is called “Kenashitai”, my favorite view in Hakkoda trekking.  This area becomes increadibly beautiful with red and yellow foliage in autumn. It is breathtaking……..


And I go down all the way back to the Sukayu hot spring.  It is about 2 hours trekking.   After this petit trainig like a itinerant Buddhist monk,  I have to reward myself  with a good lunch!   You can find a restaurant in the Sukayu hot spring building.


Sukayu Buckwheat Noodle is  a specialty in this area.    After lunch, of course I enjoy the Sukayu hot spring.  I will write about the Sukayu hot spring on the future post. 

If you ever come to Aomori,  please enjoy the activities in Hakkoda. You’ ll love it!



11 Responses to “My Favorite View in Hakkoda”

  1. Nothing, just first comment from your brother in Seattle.

  2. I just want to say congratulation to you! :)
    i use to go there all the time when i was live there…
    such a beatiful place!
    i miss aomori. :(

  3. congratulations!
    Let’s go to the hakkoda mountain with me when the snow is filled on the whole hakkoda mountain.

  4. Hello Yoon. Thanks for your comment. We need the guide for winter Hakkoda or we will get lost……
    BTW do you ski or snowboard? I doubt it ;P

  5. Hi Rena-san. Thank you for your comment. How’s life in Seattle?
    Please enjoy this blog to remember about Aomori. I often miss Seattle…the grass is greener.

  6. Hello my brother. Thank you for visiting. Please come back steadily and find the places you want to visit.
    I will be glad to take you anywhere next time you come to see us in Aomori.

  7. Saara Ekström Says:

    Dear Yuko,

    wow! I am super impressed! Beautiful blog, nice subjects, cool photos, just PERFECT. I am going to visit the blog regularly, to see what’s up in Aomori and surroundings. A big thanks for bringing these goodies to us.
    Arigatoooo from Saara and Thom

  8. Saara! Thank you for your compliments(oXoX). I miss all good times we shared and spent together. Come back to Japan with your (either you or Thom) work and I will come to visit you wherever you stay….even Okinawa, the furthest from Aomori!

  9. nice to read. I have just got back of my hols in Egypt. Now looking forward to coming back to see Japan again.See you in May

  10. Saara Ekström Says:

    The Hakkoda trekking rout looks like something that I would also want to experience. Perfect place for a nice big fatty picnic hehe. But seriously: what a lovely view. Must be beautiful when the autumn colors are starting to come. Are they there yet?
    Here in Turku the trees are slowly getting red. But it is still crazy warm. Completely weird climate this autumn… hugs! Saara

  11. Hi yuko, congratulations! And thank you for your invitation. Yeah, it defenetely made me miss Aomori. Whlie I Left Aomori, I realized how much I love living there, color, smell, chilly air, …food also. I’m goning to come and get what’s new and old nice in here. Looking forward to see changing color of leaves in Hakkoda next time.

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